MFA 10 - 1600 mm

The Heesemann surface sanding machine MFA 10 is now available with 1600 mm sanding width.

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Training program

Maximize your process yield and productivity

Take advantage of the specially tailored education and training programs from Heesemann. Your benefits: - Hands-on courses at the machine - High quality of training by experienced trainers - Small groups guarantee best learning results

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LIGNA 2015

Exhibition review

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Highest-precision surface treatment

We give our very best every day at developing and producing our machines to enable our customers to achieve the best result at their products.

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Surface treatment

Sanding technology for surfaces, edges and profiles

For more than 80 years Heesemann produces sanding machines for industry and handicraft. During this time some essential and trend-setting innovations were made, which still endure. Heesemann has consistently provided new impulses and expedited sanding technology. Until today we have got the pretension to fulfill this role being the innovation leader in sanding technology and are doing everything to meet this claim.

The dream of using a Heesemann

Acquiring a Heesemann sanding machine is a significant investment for many, especially smaller, but also big companies. If you are interested in a Heesemann sanding machine please contact our sales team or the authorized distributor in your region.

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Quality since more than 80 years

We have committed ourselves to the highest quality standards and act accordingly. In order to keep the best possible influence on the process chain, we have set up all process steps which are important to us in our own plant: milling, turning, turn-milling, screwing and welding are all done by ourselves.

The most powerful edge sanding machine in the world

The Heesemann universal edge and profile sanding machine UKP is the most powerful edge sanding machine in the world. At up to 24 meter sanding length the UKP offers unique possibilities.

24 meter

Edge sanding



Innovations for the sanding of tomorrow

At Heesemann some essential and trend-setting innovations were made, which still endure.


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MFA 10 - Sanding width 1600 mm

With immediate effect Heesemann offer the all-round surface sanding machine MFA 10 with the option of a sanding width extension to 1.600 mm. Thereby Heesemann expands the machine series MFA 10 for treatment of large-sized work pieces wider than 1.350 mm. Up to now Heesemann solely offered the KSA series with sanding widths from 1.600 mm up to 2.600 mm. With the MFA 10 Heesemann now offers an attractive entrance to panel processing with widths of more than 1.350 mm.

The MFA 10 is a real all-round expert for all sanding tasks. It can be equipped with maximum flexibility for all conceivable applications with up to 6 calibrating, finishing and brush units in accordance with specific customer requirements.

The machine can be equipped with contact rollers, cross sanding units and longitudinal sanding units. Those are available with two different sanding belt lengths. The longer sanding belts increase the lifetime of the sanding belts up to 25% significantly. In addition the longitudinal sanding units can be equipped with a calibrating function or even an internal pressure segment belt.

Furthermore, the MFA 10 can be equipped with cylindrical brushes and the disk brush unit RUT.  Thus, besides calibration and sanding of the surface, edges can be rounded and 3D profiles can be sanded effectively. Brush Steel or Tinex trimmings can be used for structuring various surfaces. Fleece brushes provide the additional opportunity to smoothen or satin lacquered work pieces.

- 29.02.2016
Effect sanding - Test now for free

Effects like saw cut patterns, random troughs or vintage look are a big trend in furniture and wooden floor industry. The rustic and striking look suggests the impression of handmade samples and highlights the naturalness of the wood. Typical signs of wear of an used wooden floor are imitated with special techniques to give rooms a touch of good old times. For example deepenings and patterns are produced to imitate the aging of the floor.


Heesemann recognized this trend at an early stage and is able to achieve these looks automatically in feed through operation. Based on the unique CSD® magnetic pressure beam system in combination with an innovative control software every user of Heesemann machines can achieve the desired effects. Whether if it is saw-cut patterns, random troughs or vintage look - Heesemann delivers the right solution for achieving marvelous surfaces.


An important mark of quality at machine-made effects in wood is the random distribution of patterns, appearing randomly and totally naturally. The electronic Heesemann method has great advantages compared to mechanically controlled methods of our competitors. The pressure beam is activated with nearly no time lag and makes it possible to create patterns and effects with highest precision. The flexibility of the Heesemann system is an additional plus for the user. Using the operating terminal various patterns and effects can be programmed and saved. This results in minimum set-up times.


Heesemann now starts test weeks and offers the option effect sanding for free for a limited time for all new machines with pressure beams: Every customer who orders a machine between November 1st, 2015 and February 29th, 2016 can test and experience this feature on his machine for 8 weeks and free of charge.


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