Virtual Service Solution by Heesemann

Get service in real-time using your mobile device

The new Heesemann Virtual Service Solution enables fault diagnosis and problem solving in real time: Together with you, our technicians analyze the situation online, identify sources of error and guide you through the measures to be taken step by step.

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Virtual Service Solution with mobile devices

DB-S planetary head unit now also available in the HSM

First machine already delivered to the US

The planetary head unit DB-S is now also available in the Heesemann HSM entry-level series. This means that the ultimate surface quality can also be achieved with the HSM series. The first HSM .2 with two DB-S planetary head units has already been delivered to a customer in the USA.

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DB-S now available in HSM series

Creative Sanding Effects

Create stunning effects with Heesemann surface sanding machines

With a Heesemann surface sanding machine stunning effects like saw-cut, planer cut, vintage look, washed look and wave-sanding effects can be created in feed-through operation. All effects can be created on the whole surface or partially and randomly distributed on the surface.

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Intuitive operation with LED strips

The optional MMI package equips your Heesemann with LED strips at the inlet and outlet.

The LEDs have two decisive functions: On the one hand, the strips indicate via simple color symbols where the work piece should be inserted in order to optimize the wear of the sanding belts. On the other hand, warnings or errors are also displayed via the LED strips.

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MMI package: LED strip in the inlet shows the status of the machine and provides assistance for an optimal wear of the sanding belts.

AWFS 2019 in Las Vegas

Together with our partner Stiles Machinery we presented the new MFA Impression with MMI package, oscillating steel plate for wave-shaped sanding effects, the new planetary head unit DB-S and our new 21, 5-inch operating terminal at the AWFS in Las Vegas, USA from the 17th to the 20th of July 2019.

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The success story of Brunex

"The ability to configure and adapt the new machines to our exact specifications has ultimately been decisive."

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Final Touch

Heesemann customer and trade show magazine

For LIGNA exhibition Heesemann published "Final Touch" - the Heesemann customer and trade show magazine with all important information on new Heesemann products and innovations.

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Impressions from LIGNA exhibition

We had a wonderfull show at LIGNA 2019 in Hanover.

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We need room for new machines

Demonstration machines at most favorable conditions

To ensure the actuality of our demonstration machines we want to exchange these machines regularly. We offer the currently presented machines at most favorable conditions.

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What is a Rebuild?

Heesemann presents a retrofitting concept for sanding machines at an older machine.

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"If you have a certain demand you will inevitably have to go with Heesemann machines!"

Kai Dittmar (CEO at metrica® INTERIOR)

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We would always buy a Heesemann again

Vedder benefits from multiple positive effects due to using the new sanding machine in the production in Lüdinghausen. The production manager mentions the permanently reproduceable processing and finish quality first, points out the solid construction and the precise belt run.

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Vedder utilizes a MFA Impression

Sanding technology for surfaces, edges and profiles

For more than 80 years Heesemann produces sanding machines for industry and handicraft. During this time some essential and trend-setting innovations were made, which still endure. Heesemann has consistently provided new impulses and expedited sanding technology. Until today we have got the pretension to fulfill this role being the innovation leader in sanding technology and are doing everything to meet this claim.

The dream of using a Heesemann

Acquiring a Heesemann sanding machine is a significant investment for many, especially smaller, but also big companies. If you are interested in a Heesemann sanding machine please contact our sales team or the authorized distributor in your region.

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Quality since more than 80 years

We have committed ourselves to the highest quality standards and act accordingly. In order to keep the best possible influence on the process chain, we have set up all process steps which are important to us in our own plant: milling, turning, turn-milling, screwing and welding are all done by ourselves.

The most powerful edge sanding machine in the world

The Heesemann universal edge and profile sanding machine UKP is the most powerful edge sanding machine in the world. At up to 24 meter sanding length the UKP offers unique possibilities.

24 meter

Edge sanding



Innovations for the sanding of tomorrow

At Heesemann some essential and trend-setting innovations were made, which still endure.


You are interested in our machines? Please contact our sales team or find our distributor in your region:

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DB-S planetary head unit now also available in the HSM

The planetary head unit DB-S is now also available in the Heesemann HSM entry-level series. This means that the ultimate surface quality can also be achieved with the HSM series. The first HSM .2 with two DB-S planetary head units has already been delivered to a customer in the USA.


With the planetary head unit DB-S the user has a variety of processing Options available. The DB-S can be used as the final unit in surface sanding. Here also disturbing sanding marks, which have arisen, for example, in the final sanding of cross-veneered areas with a longitudinal sanding unit, are effectively removed. The fine wood fibers after sanding with sanding belts are sheared off, resulting in significantly less fiber raise during subsequent painting. The sophisticated processing of mineral materials or solid surfaces such as Corian is hereby made possible.


The processing of three-dimensional surfaces with grooves, profiles or radii on the work piece edges is another application of the DB-S planetary head. The Breaking of the edges is absolutely even.


Even light structuring of the work piece surface is possible with the DB-S planetary head unit. Compared to a structuring brush roller, longitudinally veneered and cross-veneered wood structures are processed equally.


Due to the lateral separation of the unit carriage from the unit stand, the change of the 10 sanding disks can take place within a few minutes.

New Video: CSD + Effect Sanding

We have made a new video available explaining our unbeaten CSD® magnetic pressure beam system and the Effect Sanding feature of Heesemann sanding machines.


New machining center put into operation

On time before Christmas Heesemann put their new machining center Soraluce FP 10000 into operation. The new machine allows a further enhancement of quality and precision of the treated components, e.g. machine tables, as well as significantly increased production capacity. The machining center has been inaugurated with the whole staff.

A special machine for crane mats

A machine Heesemann does not build every day is actually waiting for its delivery to the US. Heesemann BAV 6 offers cross sanding of the top and the bottom at a working width of 8.5 feet. It will be used for roughening crane mats. The 30.8 feet long abrasive belts are working with a sanding belt speed of up to 30 meter per second.


Crane mats are used to build safe access roads for site vehicles on rough terrain.

Heesemann profiRounder at EMO 2017

EMO Hannover is the world's premier trade fair for the metalworking sector. Heesemann has made use of this most international fair to present profiRounder to an international audience. Of course the machine has been ready for demonstration, so the many interested visitors have had the opportunity to get an idea of the processing quality of the profiRounder.


In this year profiRounder will be presented again at Blechexpo in Stuttgart (Hall 1, booth 1201). Join us at this fair and get convinced of the profiRounder by Heesemann.

Heesemann quality starts belowground

The consistently high quality of the sanding results of a Heesemann sanding machine relies on a production with highest precision. In order to preserve this precision in our production and to further expand it, Heesemann has invested in a new Soraluce machining center. The Soraluce FP 10000 will allow us to not only produce with an even better surface quality but also with a significantly increased productivity. To install the new machining center no pains have been spared as a new 16 feet deep baseplate has been installed. Therefore the prerequisites for the well-known high-quality of a Heesemann sanding machine begin deep below the floor of our production facility.

100 orbital scratch removal units OSR - The swinging prodigy

The orbital scratch removal unit OSR has been established in the market in an impressive manner. Especially in North America and Asia the OSR is utilized to an increasing degree. Heesemann has more than 100 of these units in operation. The OSR is used to eliminate sanding traces that are generated in particular at sanding crosswise to the grain direction. The unit achieves such a fine surface so no sanding traces are visible at all.

100 disk brush units RUT - Our disk brush units are used on all continents

The Heesemann disk brush unit RUT enjoys growing popularity with now more than 100 RUTs scattered across all continents. The RUT is used to break work piece edges and to sand lower areas of work pieces that cannot be sanded with wide or long belt units independently of their orientation on the transport. The RUT is also used for structuring with metal or Tinex wire brushes. For especially intensive structuring Heesemann has presented the reinforced version RUT-St at LIGNA that is also used in the deburring machines.

85 years Heesemann - Save the date

85 years Heesemann sanding machines - this remarkable anniversary will be celebrated by Karl Heesemann Maschinenfabrik next year. 85 years Heesemann - that means 85 years of innovative technologies, highest production quality and awesome sanding results. Therefore Heesemann has become the world market leader in the scope of wood sanding machines for furniture, floor and panel industries as well as sophisticated handicraft and has always been the driving force in the development of sanding technology.

Further KSA machines heading for Turkey

A total of 60 tons of material from Heesemann are heading towards Turkey.


Heesemann has sold two more heavy sanding machines from KSA 8 series to Turkey within a few weeks.

One unit is already on its way to the country at the Bosporus. Another machine will be delivered at the end of the year.


"Even under challenging political circumstances we can further strengthen our long lasting partnership with our customers and our representation in Turkey and prove the quality of the seal "made in Germany" for further decades" to come, Torsten Legler declares.

HSM - a success story continues

Heesemann has sold more than 80 machines to satisfied customers world-wide since presentation of the HSM series.


"We expect further orders for this machine series in the next weeks so we hopefully aim at our goal to achieve 100 machines by 2018. When we presented the HSM series at LIGNA 2015 we did not expect such an overwhelming market response - world-wide", Christoph Giese (Managing Director) explains.


The machines have been delivered to the USA, Canada, China, South Africa and even more far reaches like the Philippines.

Another award for profiRounder

profiRounder has been awarded with the RedDot Design Award. The ground-breaking modular concept for sanding and edge rounding of metal parts already proves its competence at our customers.


A customer based in Melle, Lower Saxony utilizes even two machines in continuous operation. We will report on the sanding results and the satisfaction of Heesemann customers in the scope of metal processing continuously.


Heesemann profiRounder

Not only fine sanding is the core competence of Heesemann

With the presentation of the universal LSM 8-C Heesemann has presented a heavy duty but simplified calibration machine at LIGNA 2017 in Hanover. This machine series expands the portfolio of fine sanding machines with a further industrial solution for pure calibration of work pieces from Heesemann. The machine is offered in two configurations - a three-head version and a heavy four-head version for complete processing.


In combination with the OSR orbital sanding units Heesemann now offers the complete solution for sophisticated processing - initially focused on the markets in North America and Europe.


"We are going to realize first projects now in the US and Eastern Europe and get excited about the positive response from the markets", Torsten Legler (Sales Director) and Heinz Grupe (Area Sales Manager) explain.

What does "Rebuild" from Heesemann mean?

"It is the privilege and an obligation of companies being in the market for many years, like Heesemann, to secure the required measures to allow even the oldest machines to function to the owners' expectation", Michael Schlingmeyer (Service Director) explains.


Many Heesemann machines are already 30 years or older and many customers value the quality of their machines every day. Therefore it is important for many customers to secure proper functioning. In 2015 Heesemann has developed a concept for electronical and electrical reconditioning of these machines.


"The tremendous demand from the market field proves us to be right on developing a sustainable control concept even for machines having left our factory decades ago", Schlingmeyer explains.


At LIGNA 2017 Heesemann presented a retrofitting concept for sanding machines live at an older machine. The response has been impressive since with small effort critical components can be replaced with state-of-the-art componentry.


Heesemann Rebuild

HSM number 50 has already been delivered

At LIGNA 2015 Heesemann has introduced HSM - a completely new machine series for builders/trade contractors and industrial companies with smaller production volumes. Since that time HSM enjoys great popularity. In January HSM serial number 50 has been delivered to BAUFORMAT Küchen GmbH & Co. KG in Löhne (Germany).


Bauformat is a company of the Baumann group. The Baumann group has about 800 employees and produces about 115,000 kitchens per year. The group consists of the companies Burger-Küchen based in Magdeburg (Saxony-Anhalt) and Bauformat based in Löhne (North Rhine-Westphalia). Burger-Küchen successfully serves the market for economically priced kitchen while Bauformat is placed in the upper class.

Heesemann and Kuper reach an agreement of cooperation for important regions in Germany

The once long-lasting and very successful co-operation of both companies will now be continued.

As of now Heesemann sanding machines are distributed by Heinrich Kuper GmbH & Co. KG as well. This agreement as been reached in the course of the reorientation of both companies by their managements.

Kuper distributes Heesemann sanding machines in Lower Saxony, Thuringia, Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt, Brandenburg, Bremen, Berlin and the North and East of North Rhine-Westphalia.

With this cooperation Heesemann extends and completes its dealer network in important regions of Germany.


- 16.10.2019
Wood Processing Machinery, Istanbul (Turkey)
- 02.11.2019
WMS, Toronto (Canada)
- 08.11.2019
BlechExpo, Stuttgart (Germany)
- 06.12.2019
Woodex, Moscow (Russia)


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