Heesemann sanding units

Heesemann sanding machines offer a wide reportory of units mountable on the machinery base. The machine is arranged according to the customers needs. These units are available:

Contact roller unit

Contact roller unit

The Heesemann contact roller units are offered with steel rollers as well as with rubber-coated rollers in different Shore hardnesses. Both models are deliverable with different roller diameters.

The contact roller unit with a 250 mm steel roller for example allows the exact calibration of materials like solid wood, flake boards, MDF or plastics. The surface of the roller is grooved in a spiral shape. This allows a better cooling of the roller and makes it easier to extract the generated abrasive dust.


Contact roller units with rubber-coated rollers can be delivered as well. Depending on their Shore hardness they can be used for varying sanding tasks.


The contact roller unit can be equipped with different kinds of press-on lips depending on the requirements.

Cross sanding unit

For wooden surfaces the cross sanding method achieves the worldwide accepted best sanding result. The workpiece are sanded crosswise to the grain direction first and are afterwards sanded in direction of the grain with one or more sanding units.

This way the higher standing harder areas of the annual rings are leveled and loosened fibres are sheared off whereby a wash out effect is avoided and the fibres can not straighten up again after lacquering.


The Heesemann cross sanding units are equipped with the Heesemann CSD® magnetic pressure beam system and a pressure segment belt. They are available as three-point and four-point units as well as with commonly or separately driven pressure segment belt.

Longitudinal sanding unit

Longitudinal sanding unit

The longitudinal sanding units of the Heesemann surface sanding machines are equipped with the well-proven CSD® magnetic pressure beam system. Optionally they can be equipped with an eccentric bearing of the first bend pulley for slight calibration processes, with a pressure segment belt running inside and with the even finer CSD® plus system.

The longitudinal sanding units are available with sanding belt lengths of 2,150 mm (MFA Impression), 2,620 mm and 3,250 mm (MFA 10 and above). An optional pneumatical support makes it easier to exchange the sanding belts fastly.


The internally running pressure segment belt is an addition that makes sense for many applications. The pressure segment belt interrupts the sanding traces of the grit and achieves a even more harmonious sanding result. If a very fine grit is used for lacquer sanding the pressure segment belt may significantly increase the lifetime of the abrasive material.


The front bend pulley can be equipped with an eccentric bearing for slight calibration processes that can be activated using the command terminal.

Oscillating steel plate

The longitudinal sanding units of Heesemann sanding machines can optionally be equipped with an oscillating steel plate. In combination with the Heesemann SSF Structured Surfaces Package and the Heesemann CSD® magnetic pressure beam planer cut effects can be created wavelike across the surface.

The oscillation can be activated and controlled in the operating terminal. Therefore the unit can be used with a standard steel plate as well.

Orbital sanding unit

Orbital sanding unit

On sanding frames and other workpieces with different grain directions sanding crosswise to the grain direction can not be avoided. The generated sanding traces are strongly in evidence especially if dark stains are used. The Heesemann orbital sanding unit removes these traces.

The unit works based on a frequency controlled eccentric vibration with big hub. An additional segment belt press-on system moves between the pressure beam and a vibrating sanding belt crosswise to the feed direction.


Hereby the sanding traces of the vibrating sanding belt are interrupted and a harmonious sanding result without any disturbing sanding traces is achieved.

RUT disk brush unit

The RUT disk brush unit consists of 19 disk brushes. Their arrangement allows the sanding of contours in an up to now unreached quality. All areas are evenly sanded in different directions.

The frequency controlled drive system permits a continuous regulation of the disk brushes rotation speed their orbital velocity transversally to the feed direction.


The disk brushes can be equipped with two different abrasives at the same time. Thus the RUT unit can sand in different granulations running in and against feed direction.


Due to the quick changing device replacing the disk brushes with fittings for sanding for example by structuring brushes can be done with a few handles.

DB-S Planetary brush unit

DB-S Planetary brush unit

The planetary brushing unit DB-S allows the processing of three-dimensional surfaces. The surface produced is so homogeneous that the DB-S is also suitable as a last sanding unit on the surface. Fine wood fibers are effectively sheared off, so that significantly less fibers straighten after painting. Work piece edges are broken evenly.

Even on Solid Surface Materials, such as Corian, whose machining can be very demanding depending on the hardness, delivery condition and requirement of the finished work piece, the planetary brushing unit DB-S achieves an absolutely homogeneous surface.


The planetary brush unit can be pulled laterally out of the machine. This makes it easy to change the sanding disk brushes.


With Anderlon or metal strand tools, the DB-S can also be used for easy structuring. Due to the circular movement of the disks, transverse and longitudinal timber structures are processed evenly.

Brush units

For Heesemann sanding machines a wide variety of brush units with different trimmings for sanding and structuring are available. The brush units can be mounted inclined to the feed direction or can be equipped with an oscillation.

Heesemann offers brushes with horsehair, fibre, sisal cord and mixed trimmings to clean the workpieces, fleece brushes to satin lacquered surfaces, brushes with Flextrim abrasive trimmings to sand 3-dimensional workpieces and brushes with Anderlon or stranded wire trimmings as well as twisted knot brushes to structure the workpieces.


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