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For more than 80 years Heesemann produces sanding machines for industry and handicraft. During this time some essential and trend-setting innovations were made, which still endure. Heesemann has consistenly provided new impulses and expedited sanding technology. Today Heesemann has about one hundred fifty employees in Bad Oeynhausen, Germany and is world market leader in the area of wood sanding machines. The production program includes machines for the sophisticated handicraft as well as huge industry machines. In addition to the area of wood sanding Heesemann currently expands its market share in the area of metal sanding machines. The export quota is approximately 80 per cent.

Heesemann sanding machines are made both for high-quality handicraft and to meet the requirements of industrial production. A Heesemann works as a single workplace solution just as well as when it is an integrated component of a production line with a higher-ranking control system. Thus it is totally irrelevant how high the production volume is supposed to be – the modular set-up of our sanders allows individual adaptation of all sanders to meet the customer’s needs.


Be it wood, metal or plastics – processing different materials and surfaces with Heesemann sanding machines is absolutely no problem. On an international level Heesemann sanding machines are mainly used for wood processing. But someone with a watchful eye on the market knows that it is not only about the pure material called wood anymore. For a long time now innovations in the furniture industry have been made using a mix of materials. Wood is being combined and refined with plastics, metals, veneers, varnishes and resins. Yet the demand on each surface is still the same: it simply must be perfect. We have adapted ourselves to this and have developed a machinery range adding superb surfaces to all plains, edges and profiles, but also to spatial workpieces. Three-dimensional shell moulds are no problem either – the automotive industry, for instance, has confirmed the Heesemann machinery quality by processing high-quality interior car panels with Heesemann sanding machines for years now. This is how premium meets premium.


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