DB-S planetary head unit now also available in the HSM
DB-S planetary head unit now also available in the HSM

The planetary head unit DB-S is now also available in the Heesemann HSM entry-level series. This means that the ultimate surface quality can also be achieved with the HSM series. The first HSM .2 with two DB-S planetary head units has already been delivered to a customer in the USA.


With the planetary head unit DB-S the user has a variety of processing Options available. The DB-S can be used as the final unit in surface sanding. Here also disturbing sanding marks, which have arisen, for example, in the final sanding of cross-veneered areas with a longitudinal sanding unit, are effectively removed. The fine wood fibers after sanding with sanding belts are sheared off, resulting in significantly less fiber raise during subsequent painting. The sophisticated processing of mineral materials or solid surfaces such as Corian is hereby made possible.


The processing of three-dimensional surfaces with grooves, profiles or radii on the work piece edges is another application of the DB-S planetary head. The Breaking of the edges is absolutely even.


Even light structuring of the work piece surface is possible with the DB-S planetary head unit. Compared to a structuring brush roller, longitudinally veneered and cross-veneered wood structures are processed equally.


Due to the lateral separation of the unit carriage from the unit stand, the change of the 10 sanding disks can take place within a few minutes.

New Video: CSD + Effect Sanding
New Video: CSD + Effect Sanding

We have made a new video available explaining our unbeaten CSD® magnetic pressure beam system and the Effect Sanding feature of Heesemann sanding machines.


New machining center put into operation
New machining center put into operation

On time before Christmas Heesemann put their new machining center Soraluce FP 10000 into operation. The new machine allows a further enhancement of quality and precision of the treated components, e.g. machine tables, as well as significantly increased production capacity. The machining center has been inaugurated with the whole staff.


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